#TechTuesday – MileIQ Mileage Tracking App

I have been searching for a way to make my mileage tracking less cumbersome (and ideally effortless) for quite some time.  There are expensive devices and lots of apps with monthly fees on the market but none fit my needs fully for the price I wanted to spend.  I read an article last week that pointed me in the direction of an app I hadn’t really explored, MileIQ.

Before MileIQ, I did what lots of folks likely still do, I kept a mileage log.  My log was in Excel on my car mounted iPad Mini which was convenient, but still required manual input and also required me to remember to log each trip in my busy day. Not only do I want to track the difference between personal and business mileage, I also want to track certain trips to be then charged to my client (outside of the service radius for example).

With MileIQ, it silently runs in the background of any Android or iOS device and follows my every move.  It creates a separate ‘drive’ each time the car moves from Point A to Point B.  It places all the drives in a list to be categorized or will auto-categorize them based on criteria I can set.

This all sounds great, right?  But how much does it cost?  The beauty of MileIQ is that they were acquired by Microsoft and they now have the unlimited plan bundled right into the Office 365 Premium subscription.  Along with great features like Microsoft Exchange email and OneDrive file storage you can now track unlimited mileage in real time for no extra charge!  If you’re not an Office 365 subscriber, you should be!  Get in touch and I’ll help you get started.  Still holding out?  You can use MileIQ for 40 drives per month for free.

Some of the features I love…

  • Auto’magic’ Mileage Tracking – Mileage is tracked all the time and I can categorize them when I have time
  • Work Hours – During specified hours the app will automatically categorize drives as work-related, after hours it logs them as a personal trip.
  • Simple Interface The app gives great on-screen information that is simple to quick to understand
  • Custom CategorizationYou can define a list of personal and business categories, great for tracking mileage for your side project or community work!
  • Office 365 Premium – Unlimited drives are included with your Office 365 Premium subscription 

You can download MileIQ for Android or iOS.  To activate the unlimited subscription with your Office 365 account you’ll first need to register for MileIQ and then visit the MileIQ Office 365 Activation Link.  If you have any trouble, get in touch!