#TechTuesday – Parcel tracking app for iOS

I’m a loyal Amazon Prime shopper, if a product I need is stocked on Amazon, it is coming from Amazon.  I also send and receive a fair amount of parcels for my businesses.  Searching around multiple inboxes for tracking numbers and wondering when items would show up was annoying.  I went on the hunt for an app to manage all my incoming and outgoing tracking numbers across multiple carriers.  I came across Parcel for iOS and I haven’t looked back since.

The interface is simple and quick to use and iPad friendly, the application itself takes very little storage space and is light on phone resources.  The free version is ad-supported and does not allow push notifications but still works well if you’re a light user.  The paid version has no ads and almost instantaneous (as fast as the carriers post the updates) push notifications for a couple bucks a month.  I am almost immediately notified when a parcel is delivered to my office, even if I’m out and about. I’ve never come across a carrier that was not supported by this app – and from my experience the APIs are kept current by the Developer.

The most useful feature for me is the ability to have parcels automatically added by email.  I have an mail rule setup in my Google G Suite account to forward any shipping notifications for Amazon and others directly to the app and file the email.  Once an item ships, it auto’magically’ shows up in my Parcel app and notifies me that it was added.

Some of the features I love…

  • Push Notifications – Get quick updates on your parcels right on your home screen!
  • Automatically add new parcels – Forward your shipping notifications and they show up in the app like magic!
  • Day counters and icons – The app counts the number of days since delivery or to arrival
  • Web Portal – Login to the web portal to manage and add your parcels
  • iOS Widget  – This is one of the three widgets I have and it works great

This is one of my favorite apps and I fully support the monthly subscription price for the added benefits, check it out on their Website or download the app for iOS or macOS